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ON-RANGE TRAINING for handgun, shotgun and rifle. Two and three-day reality based training for individual, team and unit tactics.

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ON-LINE TRAINING PORTAL offering a 5-day kick-start training program for new gun buyers plus resources for experienced individuals, teams and units.

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ON-SITE ENGAGEMENTS  providing basic and recurrent training for businesses, schools, churches and communities to defend life and property.

The Most Comprehensive Private Firearms Training Resource Worldwide

Pulse O2DA is a private security firm training and mobilizing individuals, teams and units to defend life and property. We offer on-line, on-site and on-range training packages for the defense of individual, home, business, church, school and community.

Line01.09.17 TEAM TACTICS: "The most important training your team will ever take part in." Now registering for May 30, 2017 course. 


This course is designed for owners, managers and employees of small to medium-sized enterprises interested in learning how to defend their business from violent attack.

Team Tactics is easily the most important training event your team will ever take part in. This course will forge life-long emotional bonds with your managers and employees while teaching them the combative skills necessary to defend life and property in case of:

  1. Active shooter.
  2. Mob violence.
  3. Terrorist attack.
  4. Gang warfare.
  5. Predatory thugs.

Visit this page for details on the Team Tactics course.Line12.14.16 Alexandria Gbur becomes first certified woman instructor for Pulse O2DA. 

alex Gbur CFI B W Photo

Alexandria "Alex" Gbur recently became the first woman to qualify as a Pulse O2DA certified combative firearms instructor.

Alex comes from the Northern Ohio Gbur dynasty otherwise known as Toledo Tactical. She is a member of the NRA and is a certified NRA instructor. She has taught basic hand gun skills and CCW classes since January of 2013.

Alex recognized the need for practical, real world firearm training and became a CFI in October 2016. Her goal is to encourage and empower women to learn life-saving skills to defend themselves and their families. More information on their courses can be found here: http://toledotactical.com/ or http://pulseohio.com


11.21.16 New "Smartsheet" Training Plans Launched For Individual Members Of The O2DA Defense Academy

We've been testing "Smartsheets" for the past few months as a means for interactively delivering customized training plans for our members. Smartsheets are like Excel spreadsheets on steroids and offer sharing, collaboration and customization capabilities that significantly exceed Excel. Based upon the success of our initial testing we're now rolling out our Smartsheet Training Plans to all O2DA Defense Academy members.


Smartsheets include:

  1. Tasks: Specific detailed actions to be taken in order to achieve your training objective.
  2. Duration: Start and end date for each task.
  3. Status: Indicators: Display if you've started, completed or working on the task.
  4. Comments: Additional explanations and commentary where necessary.
  5. Links: Integrated links into the O2DA Defense Academy. 
  6. Progress Chart (Gantt): Visual chart show your training progress.
  7. Collaboration: Smartsheet can be downloaded and used on a remote computer. 

Initially we have three Smartsheet Training plans available:

  1. Combative Handgun Introduction - 4-Weeks: Designed for the gun owner who wants basic training on the handgun for self defense. 
  2. Combative Handgun Advanced - 12-Weeks: Designed for the gun owner who wants advanced combative handgun training.
  3. Combative Three Gun Platform - 52-Weeks: Designed for gun owners who want to master combative handgun, shotgun and rifle for self defense.  

All you need to do to access the Smartsheet Training Plans is have a paid membership. More information here on memberships.

11.18.16. New 2016-2017 Training Schedule Released

Chicago, IL -- Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc. (Pulse O2DA) today announced their training schedule for the remainder of 2016 and 2017. The more than 30 courses and programs scheduled include individual and team tactics, combative handgun and instructor certification courses offered at both The Site Firearms Training Center and Davenport Guns.

Ron Danielowski, Co-founder and Chief Instructor commented on the popularity of their three-day Tier 3 Individual Tactics program:

Our last Tier 3 Individual Tactics program sold out with 18 students paying $1,495 for the three-day event held at Davenport Guns. This program is designed for those who want to master armed self-defense in the home, or on the street and integrates combative handgun training with 15 escalating reality based training (“RBT”) scenarios.

Bill Tallen, VP Tactical Operations described RBT in more details:

Reality based training is a type of simulation or “force-on-force” training that provides stress inoculation. Stress inoculation allows the student to experience what violence looks and feels like during a lethal force confrontation without actually having to be in a lethal force encounter.

All Pulse O2DA on-range students are supported by the world’s most comprehensive on-line firearms training portal - the O2DA Defense Academy where they find pre, concurrent, and post training support resources including curricula and instructional videos, manuals, photos, customized training plans, case studies and community. The skills and techniques they learn on-range can be reviewed and studied on-line anytime 24/7 365 days a year. Prospective students can review course and program descriptions, schedule and register for their course or program at the link below: Pulse O2DA course and program descriptions, calendar and registration.



11.15.16 New PDF and course content developed for prospective gun owners. 


Americans are unnerved by current events. Political unrest, terrorism, immigration, mob violence, police ambushes dominate their headlines. Gun sales are at all time highs as many Americans consider purchasing a gun in order to defend their life and property. Should you buy a gun? This short primer is designed to help you answer this question, and will describe:

  1. The critical issues to consider before buying a gun for self-defense. 
  2. The firearms training necessary for self-defense. 
  3. The gun and accessories you should purchase. 

Click this link to download the PDF "Should You Buy A Gun". Or visit the web version here. This PDF includes a free 5-day all-access pass to the O2DA Defense Academy and a speically discounted $19 per month on-going membership. Line

NOBODY TRAINS YOU THE WAY WE TRAIN YOU. Our courses and programs are for individualsbusinesses, schools, churches and communities. Pulse O2DA offers the most comprehensive private firearms training resources worldwide.


Using military and law enforcement training standards as a gauge we want to give you a relative sense of how the Pulse O2DA standard compares to the "industry" standard.

The industry standard focuses on range safety and artificiality by using tightly controlled, on-line, square range drills.

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Student Comments


This is the best training system I've come across in almost 30 years of training soldiers and civilians."
Retired Army Drill Sergeant,
Tank Commander and M1A1 Master Gunner

"The Pulse O2DA manuals are far better than the outdated doctrine presented in most US military manuals."
Father of Fourth Generation Warfare

What Are Fittings?

A "FIT" OR "FITTING" IS A TRAINING REGIMEN specifying the activities that need to be completed in order for an individual, team or a unit to achieve their training objectives. We use fittings extensively in the O2DA Defense Academy to guide and manage training regimens. The first thing you do as a member of the O2DA Defense Academy  is select your fitting. Below are descriptions of each fitting:

Basic Fitting

Vman Wheel Base Ind BasicThe basic fit is for individuals with little or no firearms experience, who are interested in learning how to use a handgun (a.k.a. a "secondary" firearm) for self-defense. The regimen specifies the training activities including: online manuals you should study, drill videos you should watch, training plan your should follow, dry-practice routines you should implement, courses and programs you should take, and the weapon(s) and accessories you should purchase in order to achieve this fit objective. 

Advanced Fitting

Vman Wheel Adv Fit2The advanced fitting is designed for the serious individual operator or "IO" and offers key fundamental techniques and tactics needed to effectively defend against a lethal force encounter at home or on the street. The advanced fitting trains handgun, shotgun and rifle as primary, secondary and tertiary weapons. Combative techniques such as clearing hallways, rooms and staircases along with street scenarios are emphasized. The following regimen specifies the training activities including: online manuals you should study, drill videos you should watch, training plan your should follow, dry-practice routines you should implement, courses and programs you should take, and the weapon(s) and accessories you should purchase in order to achieve this fit objective. 

Team Fitting

Vman Wheel Team FitThe team fit is for individuals with a solid grasp of both their primary (shotgun or rifle) and secondary weapon (the handgun), who are interested in learning how to exponentially increase their combat effectiveness by working as a team to defend a single objective like a business, school or church. This fitting introduces team fundamentals, force multipliers, basic formations, asset evaluation, site surveys, vulnerability analysis, mission essential task list (METL), wargaming and after action reviews. This fitting is for business owners, employees, school administrators, teachers and parents and church officials and parishioners. Basic and Advanced Fitting training is a prerequisite for this fitting. 

Unit Fitting

Vman Wheel Unit FitThe unit fits are for teams who interested in learning how to defend a specific territory consisting of homes, businesses, schools and churches. This training exponentially increases the effectiveness of teams by expanding their sphere of influence in order to defend their neighborhoods and communities in times of crisis and civil unrest. The unit fitting will be all the training needed for the majority of small teams, with a heavy emphasis placed on supplemental modules that will give the unit leaders great flexibility in training their teams for their unique needs in their particular area of operation (AO). The following regimen specifies the training activities including study, practice, weaponry and courses or programs needed to competently deal with a vast majority of realistic crisis scenarios faced by most neighborhoods and communities. This fit is an advance team fit, which will aid the unit leaders in coordinating his efforts with all the assets available to him.This fitting is for neighborhood watch groups and community officials. Basic, Advanced and Team training is a prerequisite for this fitting. 

Academy Entrance


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We have structured the O2DA DEFENSE ACADEMY membership options to fit your training objective. Below you will find membership options for individuals, teams and units. All options have full access to site content. Select your membership option:


The Individual option is for both gun novices and experienced gun-owners who want to develop and enhance their personal defense skills both in the home and on the street.

$29.95/Month: (Cancel at any time).
Monthly members receive the 2" x 3" embroidered “Battle” patch with velcro backing. Click here to sign-up for the MONTHLY INDIVIDUAL membership.

Premium Vanguard Patch

$199.95/Year (Cancel at any time).
Lifetime annual rate is $199.95/Year (44% Savings). Annual members receive the O2DA Defense Academy t-shirt and the 2" x 3" embroidered “Battle” patch with velcro backing. Click here to sign-up for the ANNUAL INDIVIDUAL membership.

Premium Vanguard tshirt

$399.95 (One payment).
Lifetime access to the O2DA Defense Academy. members receive the O2DA Defense Academy t-shirt , the 2" x 3" embroidered “Battle” patch with velcro backing, and a complete set (7 manuals) of the THE PULSE O2DA DEFENSE SERIES - Strategy, Tactics, and Techniques Necessary To Defend Home, Business and Community. Click here to sign-up for the LIFETIME INDIVIDUAL membership.

Premium Lifetime Vanguard


The Team option is for a group of six individuals interested in the defense of a business, school or church. This option comes with six month-to-month or one-year subscriptions. Please contact info@pulsefirearmstraining.com for more information.

  • $89.95 Monthly Team subscription. Cancel at anytime. Must be paid via one credit card.
  • $895.95 Annual Team subscription. Must be paid via one credit card.


The Unit option is for a group of eighteen individuals interested in the defense of neighborhood and community. This option comes with eighteen month-to-month or one-year subscriptions. Please contact info@pulsefirearmstraining.com for more information.

  • $179.95 Monthly Unit subscription. Cancel at anytime. Must be paid via one credit card.
  • $1,295 Annual Unit subscription. Must be paid via one credit card.

A Case Study

Schmit Family Photo base Shadow750

We want to introduce Auto Parts Distributors (APD) and the Schmitt family. The Schmitt's are the topic of a case study we developed that describes the struggles of one family; as individuals, employees, business owners and community residents, to cope with the increasing threats and violence they face living in Detroit. This case study consists of detailed examples, scenarios, diagrams and other resources describing how individuals can assume control of their own defense. Click here to preview. Full access to the Schmitt Family case study is inside the O2DA Defense Academy.