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Combative Firearms Training

We have one objective at Pulse O2DA - to teach our clients the gunfighting skills necessary to win the fight of their lives. 

Pulse O2DA offers combative firearms instruction. Our instruction is delivered via training courses, training programs, training manuals, online videos, photos, and other training resources. You can access our training courses and products directly from us, or through our growing network of Authorized Training Partners (ATP's) and certified Combative Firearms Instructors (CFI's).

If you're serious about defending your life, the lives of your loved ones, your business, your school, your church, and your community, then you need to read more about our approach.  Our training is based upon our own gunfighting methodology and a training ladder we developed to convert a novice gun owner into a competent defender of life and property. Read further to learn about our Training Ladder and the Pulse Engine gunfighting methodology.  


Our training ladder was developed in response to current events. We believe that America is on the verge of massive civil unrest triggered by class warfare rhetoric and the US government running out of money to pay entitlements and benefits. Conventional mechanisms like law enforcement, the judicial system, and insurance policies, will not cope with these increasing dangers, and will no longer provide the level of security that individuals, business owners, and communities have come to expect. Prudent individuals understand that they will need to provide for their own defense and security.

Student Training LadderThe Pulse O2DA "Training Ladder" is at the core of our training methodology. Our training ladder moves a firearms novice through four stages of skill development:

1. Developing basic firearms fundamentals on handgun, shotgun and rifle.
2. Applying these skills to individual maneuver for self-defense.
3. Developing team tactics necessary to defend business, church and school.
4. Learning small unit tactics for defense of neighborhoods and communities.

The Pulse O2DA Training Ladder has been developed to turn men and women with no prior firearms training into competent defenders of their life and community. The training ladder begins with mastering basic handgun manipulations in a personal defense scenario. The training ladder then adds shotgun and rifle to the personal defense skills inventory, followed by introducing team tactics utilizing maneuver warfare theory necessary to defend a single location like a school, church or business. The training ladder culminates with learning warfighting basics capable of defending a community like a neighborhood, village, or small town.


Pusle Engine Diagram400BThe Pulse O2DA Training Ladder provides a structural framework for us to deliver our Pulse Engine gunfighting methodology which is based upon the work of John Boyd, a Korean era Air Force fighter pilot. Boyd described a process called the OODA Loop which allowed a combatant to shape a conflict to their advantage, and to the disadvantage of the aggressor.

Pulse Engine Briefing TileLethal force confrontations usually begin with the intended victim on defense and at the disadvantage. The Pulse Engine Methodology focuses on rapidly exchanging this initial disadvantage for advantage by increasing your interaction with your environment (cover/concealment, etc.) while simultaneously isolating and breaking your adversary down so that he is no longer a threat to you or others. Click here to download PDF Briefing - The Pulse Engine Method which provides more details on our methodology.

There are many factors that distinguish Pulse O2DA from other firearms training groups.

Combative firearms training is designed to teach you how to dominate a lethal force confrontation, and this means coming to terms with the fact that in fight for life once lethal force is deployed the odds are that someone will die, hence the term “lethal force” or "deadly force." Because lethal force is the last option, lethal force becomes the only option, and at that time the only appropriate application of lethal force is total. No partial commitment or halfhearted attempt is practical, because you never know how dedicated or skilled your adversary is, nor do you know how many adversaries you may be dealing with. 

If you bought your weapon for self-defense and you do not realistically deal with this reality, then you need to reevaluate what you are doing and why you are doing it. The fact that we deal with killing and how we deal with killing is one of the differentiators that separates us from most other firearms training outfits. Here are additional factors that distinguish us from most other firearms instructors and groups.

  1. Because we focus our training on the reality of a high-stress lethal force encounter the techniques and procedures we teach you are designed to work under the duress of a lethal force encounter - when your sympathetic nervous system has kicked in and your body is being flooded with adrenaline; a time when fine motor skills are unavailable to the operator.

  2. We are one of the few groups that will train you how to move with a loaded weapon. To do this safely and effectively demands small classes and well trained instructors. We're conservative about safety and feel that it is important to learn how to move with a loaded weapon on the range rather than in your house with children and neighbors in close proximity.

  3. Our instructors are pulled from the military and private security contractors, many with special forces experience, all have "been there" and have first hand knowledge of the concepts and techniques that they will be teaching you. We specialize in combative training; in other words we teach you how to win the fight for your life. We do not teach recreational safety skills or competitive shooting.

  4. We make extensive use of reality based training in our Master of Chaos program which means you train "force on force" against real adversaries. Also, we have one of the highest instructor/student ratios - 1 to 1 in our reality based training courses.

  5. Last, we offer the most comprehensive training solution available integrating range training, with our manuals, online videos and massive interactive gunfighting library. The skills you learn during the day on the range are available for review 24/7 online and at your convenience. 

Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc. is a cause-driven, direct action enterprise.

Cause-driven means our reason for existing is to fight for a cause - liberty. Direct action means we are on the front lines engaged in the battle for liberty. We deliver firearms training services and support to private citizens who want to develop the self reliance necessary defend their life, their property and their community.

America is a battlefield. There is a battle taking place in the United Sates of America between tyrants who impose their will on a peaceful citizenry and liberators fighting for the fundamental essence of liberty. This is an epic battle between the forces of tyranny and defenders of liberty that begins with the simple definition of freedom.

We believe that all businesses need to declare what side of freedom they are on. Do you support the forces of tyranny? Or do you fight for freedom? For those of you cowering in the shadows afraid of upsetting customers, shareholders, industry watchers, or others? Remember: The forces of tyranny want you to cower so they can tax and regulate you into submission. You're either for or against liberty. We at Pulse O2Da pledge to arm and train freedom fighters to resist the forces of tyranny. What do you pledge?


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Our Master of Chaos program is designed to prepare the individual for the fight of his life. Click for more information.

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Click here to view our current schedule for the 2014 training year. We have Combative Handgun, Master of Chaos and our Combative Firearms Training certification programs scheduled now.  We will be adding more dates, courses and programs as the year progresses. 

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