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“The Pulse O2DA TEAM, UNIT, and STRATEGY manuals are FAR BETTER than the outdated doctrine presented in most US military manuals."

William S. Lind - Father of Fourth Generation Warfare

Pulse O2DA trains individuals, teams and units to defend life and property.

Our instruction is delivered via training courses, training programs, training manuals, online videos, photos, and other training resources. 

You can access our training courses and products directly from us, or through our growing network of Authorized Training Partners (ATP's) and certified Combative Firearms Instructors (CFI's).

WHETHER YOU ARE A COMPLETE GUN NOVICE looking for basic self-defense training or a community official looking to convert your community watch into a community defense force - we have the training resources available here and in the O2DA Defense Academy.

Webinar Series May 12 - July 15, 2016: Defending Your Homeland: How To Defend Your Home, Business, Church, School Or Community During Civil Disturbances. Click below to sign-up.

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Certification Courses scheduled July 26-27th 2016. 

The CFI program is designed for professional firearms instructors who want to add advanced combative and reality-based training options for individuals, businesses, churches and communities

Course is scheduled for July 26-27 at the world class Site Firearms Training Center located in Mt Carroll, IL. Click here for registration information.

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 Buying a gun for the first time is intimidating.

Several generations back, most men and women had at least a passing familiarity with guns. They hunted, served in the military, or grew up with guns around the house.

Today most men do not hunt. They have never served in the military. In fact most men and women have never fired a gun before.

Escalating tensions in America and throughout the rest of the world have created a growing demand of first time gun buyers. Both men and women driven by fear for their life and property are becoming increasingly interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones.

Fear is a motivator.

Fear is driving first time gun buyers to buy a gun, and fear is their overriding emotion after purchasing a gun. Without proper training, many new gun owners unnecessarily fear their weapon as much as the threats they’re hoping to defending against.

For these new gun owners, a gun represents the solution to a problem. They’re not buying the gun to add to their collection or for recreational or competitive shooting. They’re buying the gun because they’re afraid.

According to recent survey done by the National Shooting Sports Foundation 87.3% of first-time buyers purchased their weapon for self-defense and spent on average $515 for the gun and another $504 on accessories.

Fear can be used as a catalyst to convert the intimidated buyer into a confident gun owner capable of defending life and property. To do this, we need training.

Gun shops do a poor job of training.

Generally speaking, the firearms industry does a poor job of training.

Most gun shops do not actively promote training or offer any sort of integrated training options. They take orders for guns and ammo. Untrained sales staff offer little assistance to new gun owning prospects.

The typical gun shop today will sell a weapon to a new gun owner, then (maybe) take the new owner out on their range (assuming they have one) and show them the rudimentary skills of loading, unloading and shooting.

Additionally, the gun shop may suggest taking an NRA introductory class offered by an instructor affiliated with the shop or range. These introductory courses typically cram as many students into the class as possible, at the lowest possible price, and offer little real training beyond static shooting and marksmanship training.

For most gun shops this is the extent of the training they offer, and more importantly, the extent of the contact they have with a new customer. Most gun shops do not have any sort of effective and ongoing engagement with new customers either through email, direct mail, or other means of communication.

After taking this these introductory training classes, most new gun owners do not have the skills or confidence needed to use their weapons effectively. In fact, most will take their weapon home and put it away - somewhere safe, where nobody can access it should they actually need it. Within a few weeks whatever basic skills they were taught they forget, increasing their fear of the weapon they bought - supposedly to reduce their fear.

The cycle of training.

Some of our members in the O2DA Defense Academy are seasoned defense professionals. They understand the importance of consistent training in order to keep their skills sharp. Their lives, and the lives of others depend upon their skills.

Many of our members are novice gun owners. They are training for the first time. While some may aspire to achieve SWAT level skills, many simply want the basic skills and confidence to defend their life and property against lethal threat.

In order to achieve this basic level of competency, it is important the novice gun owner follows a practical training regimen that is consistent with their lifestyle. One of the drivers for us at Pulse O2DA has been to deliver a training resource that meets the lifestyle demands of busy individuals.

If you are a novice gun owner, and you want the confidence to effectively thwart a lethal threat, then we recommend that you follow our "Basic Fitting" training regimen which includes all the post course training that will make sure you not only retain what you have learned with us, you will be able to impove your skill set if you follow our simple to understand process. Most importantly, understand the cycle of training that you will likely encounter; becaues all too often, those who purchasing their weapon and completing a basic course stop training, and after a few months the skills that they learned during their initial training will be lost.

Which is why a membership to the O2DA Defense Academy is so important. Once you complete your basic training the O2DA Defense Academy we provide convenient and simple training plans, and the ability to format to refresh your memory 24/7, on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, at home, in a restaurant, and at work, of key concepts, techniques, drills and other training knowledge that will allow you to defend your life and property. 

Our Training Ladder and building your own Personal Defense Network


Despite what the media may say, learning to defend yourself, your loved ones, and other innocents isn’t rocket science as long as you have the training to do so competently.

That’s good news, because this decentralized approach to security will work more effectively than a centralized one will in the wake of the next mass shooting.

Of course, “trained” is the key word in the above proposal, because the presence of a firearm alone will not guarantee the end to the carnage.

Furthermore, one must not only have the skill in gun handling to stop a violent threat - one must have the will to use those skills by ruthlessly eliminating a threat when necessary.

Helping you achieve both the will and the skill to mitigate these threats is dependent upon building decentralized networks of simpatico individuals to secure your life, family, business, and community.

Building a private defense network begins with the lowest common denominator, the individual civilian.

Individual civilians stand at the center of private defense networks which are based upon the roles and identities of the individual; men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, church members, PTA members, employees or business owners and citizens of local communities. Each role and or identity is a potential network node.

Networks are assembled with other simpatico individuals whom share intuition, trust, vision and initiative, or EFAS. Here are the steps necessary to build a PDN. The Pulse O2DA “Training Ladder” (see exhibit above) provides the framework for building a private defense network.

The training ladder moves a firearms novice through four stages of skill development.

The training ladder begins with mastering basic handgun manipulations in a personal defense scenario. Then it adds shotgun and rifle to the personal defense skills inventory, followed by introducing individual tactics for defense in home and on the street. Next are team tactics necessary to defend a single location like a school, church, or business. The training ladder culminates with small unit tactics for the defense of a community; like a neighborhood, village, or small town.

Building your own personal defense network begins by understanding that you stand at the center of your own network. You can start to envision your own network by taking an inventory of the roles you play everyday; as men (or women), spouses, parents, church members, PTA members, employees, or business owners and citizens of local communities.

A fully developed private defense network integrates individuals, businesses, schools and churches, community-wide.




What Are Fittings?

A "FIT" OR "FITTING" IS A TRAINING REGIMEN specifying the activities that need to be completed in order for an individual, team or a unit to achieve their training objectives. We use fittings extensively in the Pulse Armory to guide and manage training regimens. The first thing you do as a member of the Pulse Armory is select your fitting. Below are descriptions of each fitting:

Basic Fitting

Vman Wheel Base Ind BasicThe basic fit is for individuals with little or no firearms experience, who are interested in learning how to use a handgun (a.k.a. a "secondary" firearm) for self-defense. The regimen specifies the training activities including: online manuals you should study, drill videos you should watch, training plan your should follow, dry-practice routines you should implement, courses and programs you should take, and the weapon(s) and accessories you should purchase in order to achieve this fit objective. 

Advanced Fitting

Vman Wheel Adv Fit2The advanced fitting is designed for the serious individual operator or "IO" and offers key fundamental techniques and tactics needed to effectively defend against a lethal force encounter at home or on the street. The advanced fitting trains handgun, shotgun and rifle as primary, secondary and tertiary weapons. Combative techniques such as clearing hallways, rooms and staircases along with street scenarios are emphasized. The following regimen specifies the training activities including: online manuals you should study, drill videos you should watch, training plan your should follow, dry-practice routines you should implement, courses and programs you should take, and the weapon(s) and accessories you should purchase in order to achieve this fit objective. 

Team Fitting

Vman Wheel Team FitThe team fit is for individuals with a solid grasp of both their primary (shotgun or rifle) and secondary weapon (the handgun), who are interested in learning how to exponentially increase their combat effectiveness by working as a team to defend a single objective like a business, school or church. This fitting introduces team fundamentals, force multipliers, basic formations, asset evaluation, site surveys, vulnerability analysis, mission essential task list (METL), wargaming and after action reviews. This fitting is for business owners, employees, school administrators, teachers and parents and church officials and parishioners. Basic and Advanced Fitting training is a prerequisite for this fitting. 

Unit Fitting

Vman Wheel Unit FitThe unit fits are for teams who interested in learning how to defend a specific territory consisting of homes, businesses, schools and churches. This training exponentially increases the effectiveness of teams by expanding their sphere of influence in order to defend their neighborhoods and communities in times of crisis and civil unrest. The unit fitting will be all the training needed for the majority of small teams, with a heavy emphasis placed on supplemental modules that will give the unit leaders great flexibility in training their teams for their unique needs in their particular area of operation (AO). The following regimen specifies the training activities including study, practice, weaponry and courses or programs needed to competently deal with a vast majority of realistic crisis scenarios faced by most neighborhoods and communities. This fit is an advance team fit, which will aid the unit leaders in coordinating his efforts with all the assets available to him.This fitting is for neighborhood watch groups and community officials. Basic, Advanced and Team training is a prerequisite for this fitting. 

Academy Login


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We have structured the O2DA DEFENSE ACADEMY membership options to fit your training objective. Below you will find membership options for individuals, teams and units. All options have full access to site content. Select your membership option:


The Individual option is for both gun novices and experienced gun-owners who want to develop and enhance their personal defense skills both in the home and on the street.

$29.95/Month: (Cancel at any time).
Monthly members receive the 2" x 3" embroidered “Battle” patch with velcro backing. Click here to sign-up for the MONTHLY INDIVIDUAL membership.

Premium Vanguard Patch

$199.95/Year (Cancel at any time).
Lifetime annual rate is $199.95/Year (44% Savings). Annual members receive the O2DA Defense Academy t-shirt and the 2" x 3" embroidered “Battle” patch with velcro backing. Click here to sign-up for the ANNUAL INDIVIDUAL membership.

Premium Vanguard tshirt

$399.95 (One payment).
Lifetime access to the O2DA Defense Academy. members receive the O2DA Defense Academy t-shirt , the 2" x 3" embroidered “Battle” patch with velcro backing, and a complete set (7 manuals) of the THE PULSE O2DA DEFENSE SERIES - Strategy, Tactics, and Techniques Necessary To Defend Home, Business and Community. Click here to sign-up for the LIFETIME INDIVIDUAL membership.

Premium Lifetime Vanguard


The Team option is for a group of six individuals interested in the defense of a business, school or church. This option comes with six month-to-month or one-year subscriptions. Please contact for more information.

  • $89.95 Monthly Team subscription. Cancel at anytime. Must be paid via one credit card.
  • $895.95 Annual Team subscription. Must be paid via one credit card.


The Unit option is for a group of eighteen individuals interested in the defense of neighborhood and community. This option comes with eighteen month-to-month or one-year subscriptions. Please contact for more information.

  • $179.95 Monthly Unit subscription. Cancel at anytime. Must be paid via one credit card.
  • $1,295 Annual Unit subscription. Must be paid via one credit card.

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