DS-DA-Shield-Base5UNDER CONSTRUCTION UNTIL MARCH 31. New on-line DEFENSE ACADEMY launching March 31. Look for a special membership promotion in your email and on our social medial platforms - Facebook and Twitter. Click the button to get advanced notice when we go live with our online Defense Academy. You'll also get a special offer not available to others.

Distributed Security, Inc. Is a private security firm. We train and mobilize individuals, businesses, churches and schools to defend life and property. We offer integrated on-lineon-site and on-range training packages for our members, students and clients.

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    Prospective Gun Owner

    Start here for information on whether or not you should purchase a gun, the type of gun to buy for self-defense and the training resources you need to safely and effectively defend life and property. Read More
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    New Gun Owner

    Just bought a gun to defend your life and property? Want to start training? Start with the 5-Day Kick Start then complete the 30 day plan to receive your basic combative training certificate. Read More
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    Experienced Gun Owner

    Expand your basic training to include combative shotgun and rifle along with advanced individual tactics and techniques to achieve your advanced combative training certificate. Read More
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    Business, Church or School

    If you own or manage a business (or are an official of a church or administrator of a school) then click here to view our on-line, on-range and on-site training options for teams and units. Read More
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Train To Defend


DISTRIBUTED SECURITY, INC. IS the creators of private defense networks, a distributed security strategy enabling businesses to develop private defense bases and operate private security forces capable of defending life and property.

We offer enterprises a turnkey package of services for business including infrastructure, training, provisioning and outsourcing. Private defense networks are various combinations of businesses, schools, churches and communities who collaborate to defend against violent threats. A private defense network encompasses a territory composed of private defense bases (PDB) supported by a central tactical training center (TTC). Business enterprises anchor PDN’s by developing on-premise private defense bases and establishing, training, and, maintaining private security forces capable of defending the immediate community from violent threat.