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  • Business Defense Training
    Business Defense Training Why hire security guards when you can do it better and cheaper yourself? DEVELOP YOUR OWN PRIVATE SECURITY FORCE
  • Business Defense Training
    Business Defense Training Why hire security guards when you can do it better and cheaper yourself? DEVELOP YOUR OWN PRIVATE SECURITY FORCE
  • Business Defense Training
    Business Defense Training Why hire security guards when you can do it better and cheaper yourself? DEVELOP YOUR OWN PRIVATE SECURITY FORCE
  • Business Defense Training
    Business Defense Training Why hire security guards when you can do it better and cheaper yourself? DEVELOP YOUR OWN PRIVATE SECURITY FORCE
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Business Defense Training

Firearms Training and Team Tactics for Business Owners and Their Employees

Private Security Force WP tileUntil now, small businesses were at a disadvantage when it came to security. In the past, small businesses were limited to two choices, either hire expensive security guards or depend upon local law enforcement to provide for their safety and security. Hiring security guards is not only expensive but questionable as to training and consistency, while law enforcement will never be there when a threat materializes. For the first time, businesses now have an alternative - developing their own private security force. 

Developing a private security force in a small business takes on the same dimensions as developing and managing other competencies in a business. You develop and manage a private security force the same way you develop and manage a sales force, human resources department, engineering group, etc. Your private security force is staffed by your own employees, who undergo comprehensive basic and recurrent training in order to learn the skills necessary to defend lives and property. The employees in your private security force come from your existing ranks who are cross-trained. These are not full time positions, which limits your costs and because you control the training and select the participants, you can be confident that your private security force will effectively defend lives and property.

Pulse O2DA Will Help You Develop Your Own Private Security Force

Pulse O2DA will teach you and a select group of your employees how to defend your lives and property. You will learn three weapons systems - handgun, shotgun, and rifle, and the small unit tactics necessary to operate as a cohesive fighting unit. The training you receive from us will be equal to, and in many cases better than the training provided to your local law-enforcement SWAT teams. Our instructors all come from significant military and law enforcement backgrounds. We start by teaching you how to eliminate the threat before the authorities arrive. We train you on exactly what to do from identifying the threat and the firing of the first shot, to the arrival of the first responders. We at Pulse O2DA will train you and a trusted group of your employees to stop the carnage. We will teach you the skills and the mind set to eliminate a lethal threat.

We train our proprietary methodology - the Pulse Engine. Pulse O2DA has one of the most comprehensive training systems available today. We combine our live training with online videos, photos, and manuals to deliver a 360 degree 365 day training solution. We teach a devastatingly effective gun fighting methodology we created called the Pulse Engine, a method that quite simply unravels an adversary. The Pulse Engine methodology, based upon the theory of maneuver warfare, integrates more than 30 concepts, techniques and principles into a powerful gun fighting methodology that enables you to dominate a lethal force confrontation. At its core, the Pulse Engine shapes conflict to your advantage, and to the disadvantage of your attacker. The Pulse Engine methodology focuses on rapidly exchanging initial disadvantage for advantage by increasing your interaction with your environment (cover/concealment, etc.) while simultaneously isolating and breaking your adversary down so that he is no longer a threat to you or others.

Your Training Integrates Firearms Fundamentals, Reality Based Tactical Simulations and "Tabletop Wargaming"

When a lethal threat appears, and law enforcement response may be late or inadequate, individual skills and preparations are only a partial solution. 360 degree, 24/7 security is palpably, demonstrably beyond the ability of an individual to maintain for very long, and when you are protecting something bigger than yourself, the problems multiply. Whether your entity is a business, church, school, or community, your choice may someday be what Ben Franklin characterized as "hanging together, or hanging separately."

From Beslan to Mumbai, from Moscow theaters to Kenyan malls, and sadly in our own American businesses, schools and public venues, lethal threats are a fact of life in our era. The transition from the everyday routines of life to combat can occur suddenly, violently, in the midst of those we must protect; and it will be shrouded in fog, friction, and chaos.

If the fight comes to us on our own ground, we can leverage the advantages of knowing the ground and rehearsing on it. We can prepare ourselves in advance for every specific contingency we can foresee, as well as those we cannot. So armed, we have a good chance to deter, disrupt or detect a threat before it materializes, or if the fight is on, we can retain the initiative or retake it swiftly.

With dedication, perseverance, and good training, you can learn how to dominate an adversary and win a gunfight. But just as an army can win every battle and still lose the war, the most formidable gunfighter can still fail catastrophically if he lacks situational understanding and the ability, based on study, rehearsal, and experience, to make timely, effective decisions above the level of individual tactics.

Through tactical simulations and tabletop wargaming Pulse O2DA's business, school, and community defense programs will help you to:

  • Define your goals and mission;
  • Derive your defensive strategy;
  • Characterize your particular strengths and vulnerabilities;
  • Characterize your potential threats;
  • Develop a list of mission-essential and supporting tasks, hierarchically organized, to guide both your training before, and your decisions in a crisis. (What is most important? Most urgent? How do you task organize, and sequence your actions?)
  • Prepare crisis response plans that are simple, based on shared understanding, designed for decentralized execution, and adaptable to changing or unforeseen circumstances
  • Rehearse your response plans until, for all of your key personnel, appreciation of the situation, decision making, and appropriate action happen together in what Clausewitz called the coup d'oeil, or strike of the eye. 

Or as T.E. Lawrence said, "Nine-tenths of tactics are certain, and taught in books: but the irrational tenth is like the kingfisher flashing across the pool, and that is the test of generals. It can only be ensured by instinct, sharpened by thought practicing the stroke so often that at the crisis it is as natural as a reflex."

Your Training Is Delivered In Two Phases - Basic Training And Recurrent Training.

Basic training begins with a 5-day, 3-gun session conducted Thursday - Monday at your facility and a nearby live fire range or at our facilities (if training at your facilities we need clear access to the facility which can be done on the weekend or in the evening). The following is covered or accomplished during basic training:

  • Theoretical, strategic, and tactical fundamentals of gun fighting clearly explained
  • Intensive handgun, shotgun, and rifle firearms training for both the individual and team
  • Small unit tactical team organization, tactical fundamentals, formations, and maneuvers
  • Tactical simulations via RBT and/or tabletop wargaming
  • Individual and team live fire and dry practice drills
  • On-site reality based training active shooter scenarios (utilizing Simunitions)

You and your team are taught all of the skills, techniques, drills, and concepts taught in our 2-Day Skill Mastery (for the primary firearm) and 1-Day Skill Builder (for the secondary firearm) courses. Additionally your on-site training is "preheated" via our 360 degree 365 day online gun fighting resources which will prepare you for basic training. Additionally, we offer post-course recurrent training which will help you manage your program from within while providing you with multiple options for improving and sustaining your team.

WARNING: This is not "team building" in the corporate adventure sense of riding zip lines and white water rafting. Pulse O2DA provides life threatening, crisis relevant team building skills with the end result of developing fighters who can win a lethal force encounter. You need to choose the team members on their ability to function in this situation.

BASIC TRAINING This training is designed for the small to medium-sized business excluding retail establishments (convenience stores, boutiques, restaurants, bars, etc.). Specifically:

TYPE OF BUSINESS: Manufacturing, distribution, service (non-retail).
TYPE OF FACILITY: This training is designed for a single location.
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES WORKING AT THE FACILITY: 50-500 employees (per shift if working shifts).
TEAM MEMBERS PER FACILITY: Minimum of 4 maximum of 10 per training session.

These are the topics covered during basic training:

- Selecting team members
- Chain of Command and team control
- Handgun foundations and skill building
- Assignment of team roles and responsibilities
- Selection of weapons (rife and shotgun) to match assigned team roles
- Specific weapons system training and skill building for individuals and teams
- Intensive individual and team moving techniques and drills
- Establishing the armory, access points, and policies and procedures.
- Facility hard points, command and control centers, cover, concealment, safe rooms, fields of fire, etc.
- Basic small unit tactics used to engage active shooters
- Live fire drills and movement as individuals then team movement
- On-site or remote reality based training for teams
- Communicating with authorities (designated role)
- Initial consolidation of forces
- Team formations in a hostile environment
- Moving to contact as a team while maintaining 360 degree security
- Locating and eliminating the threat
- Secure area, reconsolidate assets
- Activate medical response for all injured
- While maintaining security, conduct verbal and physical contact with authorities once they arrive
- Proper conduct for interfacing with Law Enforcement Agencies
- Dealing with the media
- Constructive After Action Reviews of each scenario
- Recurrent training schedules, drills and management.

Upon completion of the basic training you and your team will have the skills and the confidence necessary to effectively eliminate an active shooter threat.

RECURRENT TRAINING As part of your basic training we provide you with a suggested schedule for recurrent training including dry-practice and live-fire exercises. At minimum you will want to stage reality based training exercises every six months and from time to time you will need to replace employees who depart the company. We offer several recurrent training options from a monthly "stand-by" retainer to a "train the trainer" solution where we train and certify one of your employees to manage and deliver our training methodology. If you're facing a particularly tense period (union unrest, rioting, downsizing, etc.)we can mobilize and deploy our own security specialists to augment your efforts.

TRAINING FORMATS AND COSTS We offer two different training format options; on-site and remote. The on-site format involves Pulse O2DA coming to your facilities and training you and your staff at your business and at local ranges. The remote format has you traveling to our facilities for your training. The primary differences between the on-site and remote options is degree of customization, cost and availability.

On-Site Format. With the on-site format, we can tailor the training to fit your exact facility layout. On-site training allows your staff to train in their facility which provides a better learning environment.  The fee for the on-site format covers the program cost, travel, food, lodging, ammunition, production and miscellaneous items. In total, for a firm training 5 team members, the cost for the on-site format would run approximately $30,000 to $40,000. Please call or email us to discuss the cost of this format and to receive a detailed cost proposal. 

Remote Format. The remote format has you and your staff traveling to our training facilities at The Site Firearms Training Center located in Mt. Carroll Illinois and staying at the Black Bear Lodge located contiguous to the training center.  With the remote format your training will take place in a generic setting. The training is customized via "Table-Top Wargaming" applied to your specific facility. All of your training is done as a team - you train, eat and sleep together as one cohesive group. The fee for the remote format is $2,995 per person for a 5 member team. The fee does not include travel, food, lodging, ammunition, production and miscellaneous items.

The cost of recurrent training is determined by the services provided. A monthly "stand-by" option provides for a security specialist to be on call for a specified period of time and scope of service deliverables. A 2-day reality based on-site training session every six months would be priced like basic training - adjusted downwards for the number of days involved. Our "train the trainer" option is designed for one team member who spends two weeks training at our facilities with our certified training instructors. The cost of mobilizing our security specialists to your facilities is based upon the urgency and nature of the threat and the required qualifications of the specialist(s).

TRAINING SCHEDULE DATES The on-site format is scheduled based upon the availabilty of your facilities and local ranges. We need 4-6 weeks notice to schedule an on-site course. The remote format is offered on a limited basis throughout the year at The Site Firearms Training Center. Please check the master training schedule for current dates.

Contact us directly either via email or phone (877.452.0951) to discuss your needs. There are many ways to structure this sort of training and we will be happy to provide you with a formal quotation after finding out more about your situation.

A Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm

THE NEXT SEVERAL YEARS ARE GOING TO GET DANGEROUS. Active shooters, organized gangs, domestic and foreign terrorists, union thugs, and rioting mobs have all placed businesses in their cross hairs. Half of the United States of America now view business as the enemy, spurred on by a political class fanning the flames of class warfare.

Conventional mechanisms like law enforcement, the judicial system and business insurance coverage will not cope with these increasing dangers, and will no longer provide the level of security that business owners have come to expect. Forward thinking business owners understand they need to provide their own defense and security.

Pulse O2DA will teach you and a select group of your employees how to defend your lives and livelihood. You will learn three weapons systems - handgun, shotgun, and rifle, and the small unit tactics necessary to operate as a cohesive fighting unit. The training you receive from us will be equal to, and in many cases better than the training provided to your local law-enforcement SWAT teams. Our instructors all come from significant military and law enforcement backgrounds. We start by teaching you how to eliminate the threat before the authorities arrive. We train you on exactly what to do from identifying the threat and the firing of the first shot, to the arrival of the first responders.

Why not hire security guards? Security guards and private security forces are used by many large and medium-sized businesses. But for the small to medium-sized firm there are several reasons why you should consider developing your own security force including cost, competency and self-reliance. The cost of maintaining a full-time, on-site security guard presence for a firm with 100 employees on a monthly basis will be $20,000 to $30,000. The competency of the security guards in an active shooter scenario will always be questionable - you are at their mercy. Most importantly, when you complete our training you will be self-reliant and have the skills and the confidence necessary to defend yourself and your employees.

Most firearms training groups and the US Government will not teach you what we will teach you. We train you the way a SWAT team is trained. We happen to believe that civilians have a right to be every bit as skilled and prepared as law enforcement when it comes to defending their life and their livelihood. Further, we believe that despite what the United States government advises, business owners and their employees are under no obligation to sacrifice themselves in an active shooter scenario. Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security advise businesses and their employees to "run" "hide" or "fight" should they find themselves in an active shooter situation. Their recommendation should you have to "fight" is to "yell" "distract" or "throw" something at the shooter.

We credit both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security with being honest about the reality of an active shooter scenario. Both admit that law enforcement will not arrive in time to stop the carnage.

The FBI offers the following advice:

"Research has shown that many of these situations are over in minutes and law enforcement may not arrive in time. As a result, employees have to become stakeholders in their own safety and security and develop a survival mind-set comprised of awareness, preparation, and rehearsal."

The Department of Homeland Security via this training video advises you:

"Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Typically, the immediate deployment of law enforcement is required to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to victims. Active shooters usually will continue to move throughout building or area until stopped by law enforcement, suicide, or other intervention."


Master of Chaos Shield250

Our Master of Chaos program is designed to prepare the individual for the fight of his life. Click for more information.

Upcoming Courses


Click here to view our current schedule for the 2014 training year. We have Combative Handgun, Master of Chaos and our Combative Firearms Training certification programs scheduled now.  We will be adding more dates, courses and programs as the year progresses. 

Methodology Briefing

Pulse Engine Briefing Tile


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Tactical Simulations

TACTICAL DECISION GAME 13-06P: Hell in a Very Small Truck Stop

It is 5:00pm on a sunny day in June, on a rural interstate highway in the upper Midwest.

Your church group consists of 62 elementary and middle-school aged children with six adult chaperones split between two school buses, accompanied by four adults (including yourself) in two SUVs. All four of the latter, and one adult on each bus, are legally armed with concealed handguns (with which they are individually proficient), carry handheld GRS radios as well as cell phones. You have all trained together in the past in close quarter combat tactics in the context of an active shooter event at your church complex. You have meant to discuss and conduct training for mobile and off-site venues, but that has not happened yet.

You are en route to a summer camp, and have stopped at a small truck stop off the interstate for fuel, refreshments, and a restroom break. Many of the children, with adult escort, have gone inside, some have returned to their buses, some are moving across the parking lot in both directions, and from your vantage point near the parking lot entrance you have no clear picture of how many are inside or where they are between the store, restaurant/coffee bar, and restrooms. It is controlled chaos in a relatively benign environment.

There is a moderate amount of traffic in and out of the truck stop, including commercial trucks and private automobiles, both parked and fueling at their respective fuel islands.

You have noticed two crew-cab pickups and two SUVs parked in a cluster near the back corner of the lot. Several young males are visible around the vehicles, and there appear to be several more inside the vehicles. Your initial assessment was that these were local kids, loitering on a Friday afternoon in the liveliest spot their little community offered.

But then things become interesting.

Tactical Sim1

Your attention is drawn back to the cluster of vehicles by several loud POPs, followed by an eruption of yelling, running figures. One pickup and one SUV pull away rapidly and speed through the car parking area toward your position at the exit – and incidentally toward your school buses and the foot traffic in the lot. As pedestrians (including members of your group) scatter and dodge, another vehicle that had not previously drawn your attention pulls out of its parking place to block the oncoming vehicles, colliding with the first. More gunfire erupts between the vehicles. The second escaping vehicle seeks to evade the fight by going around the truck stop building, but the driver loses control and collides with a light post near the building corner. Five persons exit the vehicle and run toward the back side of the truck stop – which you cannot see. By this time, the remaining suspects from the back of the lot have shaken out into what looks like a skirmish line, and are advancing toward the truck stop from the south, with three long guns – Kalashnikov variants – and an assortment of handguns firing toward the rear of the truck stop.

Tactical Sim2

You are in charge. What do you do now? Briefly and concisely describe your immediate orders and communications and the actions you will personally take, and provide a short rationale for your actions.

Pulse CFI1 Patch 

Click for more information about our Combative Firearms Instructor (CFI) program. 

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